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Cloud Based

Alan Smithee's Cloud Based Storyboard provides the aspiring or more experienced director with an easy and fun way to visualise the blocking of scripts. Create shot lists and print out storyboards for easy reference on-set or on-location. It does all this in the cloud via your favourite browser, while allowing you to save your storyboards locally for convienience and security.

The software DOES NOT aim to provide a vast array of clip art to make up your scenes. What it does provide is a few well drawn characters that can be rotated and sized to simulate the required shots for any scene. The desktop version (available for a contribution) allows you to load your own characters. So if you like this software consider getting the desktop version to keep.

Enjoy! Alan Smithee

and Use

Web Browsers

  • Alan Smithee's Storyboard software will work with most browsers.

  • Only requires Adobe Flash to be supported in your browser.

  • Save and load your project files to/from your own hard drive!

  • Try before you buy, try the demo free. Demo has fewer actors and printing is disabled.

  • Unlock the full version in the cloud for just £4.95 per workstation.

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Storyboarding in the cloud!
Try it free* and unlock full access for just £4.95!

*Printing is disabled and fewer actors in the demo version.